Vanished Libraries and Related Events (Work in progress)

red Fire white Earthquakes, floods, cyclones blue Wars, revolutions, civil unrest
green Sold, auctions, confiscations orange Various or undetermined methods of destruction purple Undetermined location for state (US) or country
black Book Town or Village Total Events Total Libraries and Archives (with Book Towns)

Location of libraries, archives, and religious sites (events, for brevity) that disappeared or were dispersed. Current and proposed book towns and villages are included for reference. The events are loaded chronologically, from 3000 B.C. to the present. All these events affected, in one or other way, the transmission of knowledge or tradition. This is a small sample of the events available in "Abridged Chronology of Destroyed Libraries." If you know of any event that is not included, or there is an inaccurary in the description, location, or dates, please email the addition or the correction, resp., to cda AT

Data compiled by the author. Mongolian monastery data from (2005). Tibetan monastery data, partly, from (2009). Maps drawn using the Google Maps API. Google Earth KML file developed (contact the author). Screen sample of the World, UK, and London's fire (1666).

Starting center of the map: Latitude = ; Longitude = .

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